Complete Compression Curves of Reconstituted Clays



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Horpibulsuk, S., Liu, M. D., Zhuang, Z. & Hong, Z. (2016). Complete Compression Curves of Reconstituted Clays. International Journal of Geomechanics, 16 (6), 06016005-1-06016005-5.


Unlike that adopted in most existing compression models, the complete compression curve of reconstituted clays in the e − lnp′ space is S shaped. In this paper, an accurate S-shaped equation is proposed that is suitable for describing the complete compression behavior of reconstituted clays with p′ ≥ 0.01 kPa. The proposed equation is an elementary function and is ready for implementation into general stress and strain models. The proposed compression equation is validated by simulating the compression behavior of a variety of reconstituted clays.

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