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Bi, G., Ni, S., Wang, D., Chen, Y., Wei, J. & Gong, W. (2019). Creep in Primary Consolidation with Rate of Loading Approach. Scientific Reports, 9 (1), 8992-1-8992-9.


The debate on creep in primary consolidation is analysed with a power law model following an approach in which creep is considered as rate of loading. According to this approach, primary consolidation is one type of rate of loading. To verify this approach, two types of tests, standard oedometer test and oedometer test with drainage prevented, are conducted on three types of soils (two from NGES and the other from Port of Guangzhou). The result: creep exponents obtained from two kinds of tests agree well with each other. Moreover, the approach is further validated by tracking, for over 80 years, the data from settlement of the case history San Jacinto Monument, which is inconsistent with data calculated from the classical method. In the end, procedure of this approach, with which long term settlement is predicted, is illustrated, and this approach is compared with the classical method.



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