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Li, Y., Darkwa, J., Kokogiannakis, G. & Su, W. (2019). Effect of design parameters on thermal performance of integrated phase change material blind system for double skin façade buildings. International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, 14 (2), 286-293.


Double skin facades (DSFs) have overheating problems in warm seasons which may increase the cooling loads in buildings. A previous study has developed an integrated phase change material (PCM) blind system and proved its capacity of mitigating the overheating phenomenon in DSFs. This paper focuses on the effect of design parameters on the thermal performance of such systems by conducting a simulation study of a DSF integrated with a PCM blind with different material properties, positions in cavity, and tilt angles of blades. The results indicate that the performance of the integrated PCM blind system can be optimised with careful geometric design and proper thermophysical properties of the PCM.



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