Robotics-Soft Robotics



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Alici, G. (2019). Robotics-Soft Robotics. In R. Narayan (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering (pp. 652-659). United States: Elsevier.


Karel Capek introduced the word robot in his short story "Opilec" first time in 1917, and then his famous play "Rossum's Universal Robots" in 1923, where he used the word robota to mean forced labor or unpleasant work. This led the development of many fictional robots with the aim of harming humanbeings. But, the history of real robots began with a patent entitled "Programmed Article Transfer," filed in 1954. This led to the production of the first industrial robot by Unimation Inc. in 1962. Since then robotic systems have gone through many changes, in line with progress in actuator, sensor, production, electronics, and many other enabling technologies. Robots' advantages of reprogrammability, sturdiness, inexhaustibleness, and multipurposeness have signif­icantly contributed to the realization of the third industrial revolution or Industry 3.0, which has been based on advanced automa­tion of manufacturing.

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