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Zhu, B., Susilo, W., Qin, J., Guo, F., Zhao, Z. & Ma, J. (2019). A Secure and Efficient Data Sharing and Searching Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks. Sensors, 19 (11), 2583-1-2583-23.


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) generally utilize cloud computing to store and process sensing data in real time, namely, cloud-assisted WSN. However, the cloud-assisted WSN faces new security challenges, particularly outsourced data confidentiality. Data Encryption is a fundamental approach but it limits target data retrieval in massive encrypted data. Public key encryption with keyword search (PEKS) enables a data receiver to retrieve encrypted data containing some specific keyword in cloud-assisted WSN. However, the traditional PEKS schemes suffer from an inherent problem, namely, the keyword guessing attack (KGA). KGA includes off-line KGA and on-line KGA. To date, the existing literature on PEKS cannot simultaneously resist both off-line KGA and on-line KGA performed by an external adversary and an internal adversary. In this work, we propose a secure and efficient data sharing and searching scheme to address the aforementioned problem such that our scheme is secure against both off-line KGA and on-line KGA performed by external and internal adversaries. We would like to stress that our scheme simultaneously achieves document encryption/decryption and keyword search functions. We also prove our scheme achieves keyword security and document security. Furthermore, our scheme is more efficient than previous schemes by eliminating the pairing computation.



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