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Ma, X., Zhao, J., Du, W., Zhang, X., Jiang, L. & Jiang, Z. (2019). Quantification of texture-induced ridging in ferritic stainless steels 430 and 430LR during tensile deformation. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 8 (2), 2041-2051.


A comparative study has been carried out to assess the effect of rolling and annealing processes on ridging generation of ferritic stainless steels (FSSs) 430 and 430LR after tensile deformation. The results show that FSS 430LR has better ridging resistance owing tothe refinement of microstructure and crystallographic texture optimisation. A 30% reduction of ridging height can be achieved using FSS 430LR compared to FSS 430 after tension.Optimal reduction during cold rolling benefits the microstructural refinement and surface quality improvement of FSSs 430 and 430LR. Both theoretical calculations and experimental results indicate that the (1 1 2) and the (0 0 1) components are responsible for ridging in theFSSs after tension. Through preventing the formation of coarse bands and grains with the(0 0 1) component inside the FSSs, the ridging resistance of both FSSs 430 and 430LR can be improved.



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