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Li, Z., Jeng, D., Zhu, J. & Zhao, H. (2019). Effects of principal stress rotation on the fluid-induced soil response in a porous seabed. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 7 (5), 7050123-1-7050123-29.


Principal stress rotation (PSR) is an important feature for describing the stress status of marine sediments subject to cyclic loading. In this study, a one-way coupled numerical model that combines the fluid model (for wave-current interactions) and the soil model (including the effect of PSR) was established. Then, the proposed model was incorporated into the finite element analysis procedure DIANA-SWANDYNE II with PSR effects incorporated and further validated by the experimental data available in the literature. Finally, the impact of PSR on the pore-water pressures and the resultant seabed liquefaction were investigated using the numerical model, and it was found that PSR had a significant influence on the seabed response to combined wave and current loading.



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