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Huo, M., Zhao, J., Xie, H. & Jiang, Z. (2018). Analysis of contact mechanics in micro flexible rolling. Procedia Manufacturing, 15 1467-1474. Toyohashi, Japan Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Metal Forming, Metal Forming 2018


Micro flexible rolling is a new microforming method by online controlling and adjusting the roll gap to make various strip thickness in the submillimeter range. The micro flexibly rolled strips can be divided into three zones of the thicker zone, the thinner zone and the transition zone after experiencing the upward and downward rolling processes. However, it is tough to achieve the final target thickness especially in the transition zone due to a number of issues relating to the contact mechanics such as the change in the central neutral point/zone, the touch at the edges of the work rolls, the elastic deformation of the work rolls, the roll bite arc modifications in real time and the tribological conditions. All of these factors have significant influences on flatness, profile and surface finish of the rolled products, as well as the rolling forces. In the current work, a new model has been developed in order to clarify the micro flexible rolling process. This model considers a non-circular contact arc which includes an elastic loading region at the start of the roll gap, a plastic reduction region with backward slip, a central flattened region without slip, the plastic reduction region with forward slip, and an elastic unloading region at the end of the roll gap. In this study, the effect of speed ratio (the ratio of the lifting speed and the rolling speed) on the dimensions and the rolling forces along the transition zones is investigated. The contact mechanics in the micro flexible rolling are systematically analysed. The simulation results are found to be in line with the experimental ones, which means that the developed model with high precision is suitable for the analysis of the micro flexible rolling process.

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