Aerodynamic analysis of a linear cascade wind turbine



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S. A. H. Jafari, K. C. S. Kwok, F. Safaei & B. Kosasih, "Aerodynamic analysis of a linear cascade wind turbine," Wind Energy, vol. 21, (11) pp. 1141-1154, 2018.


This paper develops an analytical model to investigate the aerodynamic of the power generation of a linear cascade wind turbine, referred to as PowerWindow. Based on blade element momentum theory, this analytical model elucidates some flow characteristics of PowerWindow such as axial induction factor and local instantaneous angle of attack along the blades. The model also provides an understanding of the effects of blade pitch angle, blade speed ratio, and solidity on the angle of attack, axial induction factor, and power generation of PowerWindow when operating in "elevated" position. In elevated position, PowerWindow is installed on a tower as opposed to directly mounted on a roof. The validity and accuracy of the analytical model are verified with computational fluid dynamic simulations. The results indicate that by doubling the solidity or increasing the blade pitch angle by 8°, the coefficient of performance of PowerWindow increases from 8% to 12% and 16%, respectively. The analytical model can serve as the tool to find the design parameters of PowerWindow and their influence on power generation for given life wind condition.

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