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Khan, M. A., Ngo, H. H., Guo, W. S., Liu, Y., Nghiem, L. D., Hai, F. I., Deng, L. J., Wang, J. & Wu, Y. (2016). Optimization of process parameters for production of volatile fatty acid, biohydrogen and methane from anaerobic digestion. Bioresource Technology, 219 738-748.


The anaerobic digestion process has been primarily utilized for methane containing biogas production over the past few years. However, the digestion process could also be optimized for producing volatile fatty acids (VFAs) and biohydrogen. This is the first review article that combines the optimization approaches for all three possible products from the anaerobic digestion. In this review study, the types and configurations of the bioreactor are discussed for each type of product. This is followed by a review on optimization of common process parameters (e.g. temperature, pH, retention time and organic loading rate) separately for the production of VFA, biohydrogen and methane. This review also includes additional parameters, treatment methods or special additives that wield a significant and positive effect on production rate and these products' yield.



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