Parametric study on cement treated aggregate panel under impact load



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Ali, S., Liu, X., Thambiratnam, D., Fawzia, S., Gu, Y., Wu, J. & Remennikov, A. (2018). Parametric study on cement treated aggregate panel under impact load. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, 18 622-629.


The cement treated aggregate (CTA) is increasingly used as base or sub-base layer for pavement to withstand various traffic and dynamic loads. Under extreme events, the CTA layer of the pavement is expected to absorb significant amount of impact energies subjected to different loading conditions including accidents, mobile vehicles, heavy aircrafts, machinery, or even terrorist attack. However, no research has been found on the resistance of CTA under drop weight impact load. To fill up this gap, a detailed study was carried out to investigate the impact resistance of CTA under impact loading through both experimental and finite element analysis (FEA). Moreover, detailed parametric studies were carried out based on the validated model to determine the significance of selected key parameters on the impact resistance of CTA.

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