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Mashiri, M. S., Vinod, J. S., Sheikh, M. N. & Carraro, J. H. (2018). Shear modulus of sand-tyre chip mixtures. Environmental Geotechnics, 5 (6), 336-344.


This paper presents experimental results on the shear modulus of sand-tyre chip (STCh) mixtures. A series of bender element tests was carried out on specimens of sand mixed with varying proportions of tyre chips (TCh). Tests were carried out on STCh mixtures at a constant initial relative density of 50% for different initial effective confining pressures. The bender element test results indicate that the maximum shear modulus of the STCh mixtures increases with effective confining pressure and decreases with the gravimetric proportion of TCh, which ranged from 23 to 138 kPa and 0 to 40%, respectively. However, the strain-controlled cyclic triaxial test results show that the shear modulus at large shear strains decreases with increasing single-amplitude shear strain as a function of the proportion of TCh in the mixture. The lower the proportion of TCh, the larger the degradation observed. The modified Hardin and Drnevich mathematical formulation adequately captures the variation in shear modulus of the STCh mixtures for a wide range of shear strain amplitudes.



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