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Ibrahim, A. A., Sheikh, M. & Hadi, M. N. S. (2018). Axial Compressive Behavior of Steel Equal Angle Section-Reinforced Square High-Strength Concrete Column. Aci Structural Journal, 115 (5), 1431-1442.


A new method of reinforcing concrete columns with steel equal angle (SEA) sections has been investigated. A total of 12 square high-strength concrete (HSC) column specimens (with 210 mm [8.26 in.] sides and 600 mm [23.62 in.] height) reinforced longitudinally with either steel bars or SEA sections were cast and tested. The lateral tie spacing of specimens varied from 50 to 400 mm (1.96 to 15.74 in.). The influences of the type of longitudinal reinforcement and the spacing of lateral ties on the behavior of HSC specimens under axial compression were investigated. Experimental results showed that the use of the SEA sections as longitudinal reinforcements in HSC column specimens led to significant improvements in the axial load-carrying capacity and ductility compared to the corresponding HSC column specimens reinforced longitudinally with steel bars.



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