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Wang, H., Lu, C., Tieu, K., Liu, Y., Wang, R. & Li, J. (2019). Correlation Between Crystal Rotation and Redundant Shear Strain in Rolled Single Crystals: A Crystal Plasticity FE Analysis. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters), 32 (4), 452-460.


The correlation between crystal rotation and redundant shear strain in rolled single crystals was investigated by using the crystal plasticity finite element (CPFE) model in this paper. The deformation in aluminium single crystals of four representative orientations (rotated-Cube, Goss, Copper, and Brass) after rolling and plain strain compression was simulated, and the predictions have been validated by the experimental observations. In the rotated-Cube and Goss, the redundant shear strain and crystal rotation were in the same pattern, alternating along the thickness, while the relation between them was not obvious for the Copper and Brass due to their asymmetrical distributions of activated slip systems. The relations between slip system activation, crystal rotation, and shear strain were investigated based on the CPFE model, and the correlation between shear strain and crystal rotation has been built.



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