DABKE: Secure deniable attribute-based key exchange framework



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Tian, Y., Li, Y., Yang, G., Susilo, W., Mu, Y., Cui, H. & Zhang, Y. (2019). DABKE: Secure deniable attribute-based key exchange framework. Journal of Computer Security, 27 (2), 259-275.


We introduce the first deniable attribute-based key exchange (DABKE) framework that is resilient to impersonation attacks. We define the formal security models for DABKE framework, and propose a generic compiler that converts any attribute-based key exchanges into deniable ones. We prove that it can achieve session key security and user privacy in the standard model, and strong deniability in the simulation-based paradigm. In particular, the proposed generic compiler ensures: 1) a dishonest user cannot impersonate other user's session participation in conversations since implicit authentication is used among authorized users; 2) an authorized user can plausibly deny his/her participation after secure conversations with others; 3) the strongest form of deniability is achieved using one-round communication between two authorized users.

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