Kilovoltage X-ray beam dosimetry and imaging



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Hill, R. & Poder, J. (2018). Kilovoltage X-ray beam dosimetry and imaging. In I. J. Das (Ed.), Radiochromic Film: Role and Applications in Radiation Dosimetry (pp. 81-100). Boca Raton, United States: CRC Press.


Kilovoltage X-ray beams have a wide application in medicine for diagnostic purposes through various imaging modalities as well as therapeutic applications for cancer treatments and other clinical conditions. In addition, these low-energy X-ray units are heavily used for radiobiological research. Kilovoltage X-ray beams are used in CT scanners, mammography X-ray units, diagnostic X-rays, and on-board imagers attached to radiotherapy linear accelerators. The imaging modalities that utilize kilovoltage X-rays include diagnostic X-ray units, CT scanners, and on-board imagers on linear accelerators. The relative dominance of the photoelectric effect and its dependence of the effective atomic number of the different tissues such as bone and soft tissue within this energy range allow clear differentiation between the different tissues.

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