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Al-Tikrite, A. & Hadi, M. N. S. (2019). Axial-flexural interaction diagram of RPC columns reinforced with steel fibres. Structures, 19 499-506.


This paper presents analytical modelling of the axial-flexural behaviour of Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) columns reinforced with and without steel fibres of different types (industrial and waste) in individual and hybrid forms. An analytical stress-strain model for unconfined RPC was used for the analysis of the axial loads and bending moments of the fibrous RPC columns. The layer-by-layer numerical integration method was used to calculate the axial load and bending moments in this study. The analytically developed axial load-bending moment ( P-M ) interaction diagrams were validated by using experimental results from the literature. A para- metric study was carried out to investigate the influence of the properties of steel fibres on the axial-flexural behaviour of fibrous RPC columns. It was found that the analytical unconfined stress-strain model used in this study well estimates the maximum axial loads and the maximum bending moments of the RPC columns re- inforced with and without different types of steel fibres. Also, the influence of the properties of steel fibres is more pronounced at eccentric and flexural loading

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