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B. Li, H. Du, W. Li & B. Zhang, "Integrated trajectory planning and control for obstacle avoidance manoeuvre using non-linear vehicle MP algorithm," IET Intelligent Transport Systems, vol. 13, (2) pp. 385-397, 2019.


In the current literature, model-predictive (MP) algorithm is widely applied in autonomous vehicle trajectory planning and control but most of the current studies only apply the linear tyre model, which cannot accurately present the tyre non-linear characteristic. Furthermore, most of these studies separately consider the trajectory planning and trajectory control of the autonomous vehicle and few of them have integrated the trajectory planning and trajectory control together. To fill in above research gaps, this study proposes the integrated trajectory planning and trajectory control method using a non-linear vehicle MP algorithm. To fully utilise the advantages of four-wheel-independent-steering and four-wheel-independent-driving vehicle, the MP algorithm is proposed based on four-wheel dynamics model and non-linear Dugoff tyre model. This study also proposes the mathematical modelling of the static obstacle and dynamic obstacle for the obstacle avoidance manoeuvre of the autonomous vehicle. Finally, simulation results have been presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed control method.

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