Comprehensive survey of image steganography: Techniques, Evaluations, and trends in future research



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I. Kadhim, P. Premaratne, P. James. Vial & B. Halloran, "Comprehensive survey of image steganography: Techniques, Evaluations, and trends in future research," Neurocomputing, vol. 335, pp. 299-326, 2019.


Storing and communicating secret and/or private information has become part of our daily life whether it is for our employment or personal well-being. Therefore, secure storage and transmission of the secret information have received the undivided attention of many researchers. The techniques for hiding confidential data in inconspicuous digital media such as video, audio, and image are collectively termed as Steganography. Among various media types used, the popularity and availability of digital images are high and in this research work and hence, our focus is on implementing digital image steganography. The main challenge in designing a steganographic system is to maintain a fair trade-off between robustness, security, imperceptibility and higher bit embedding rate. This research article provides a thorough review of existing types of image steganography and the recent contributions in each category in multiple modalities. The article also provides a complete overview of image steganography including general operation, requirements, different aspects, different types and their performance evaluations. Different performance analysis measures for evaluating steganographic system are also discussed here. Moreover, we also discuss the strategy to select different cover media for different applications and a few state-of-the-art steganalysis systems.

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