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Qu, F., Jiang, Z., Wang, X. & Zhou, C. (2018). Analysis of Springback Behaviour in Micro Flexible Rolling of Crystalline Materials. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, 2018 5287945-1-5287945-14.


,is paper presents a constitutive modelling of the polycrystalline thin metal strip under a state of combined loading in microflexible rolling. ,e concept of grained inhomogeneity is incorporated into the classic Chaboche hardening model that accounts for the Bauschinger effect, in order to provide more precise description and analysis of the springback mechanism in the particular forming operation. ,e model is first implemented in the finite element program ABAQUS to numerically predict the stress-strain relationship of 304 stainless steel specimens over a range of average grain sizes. After validation of the developed model by comparison of predicted curves and actual stress-strain data points, it is further applied to predict the thickness directional springback in microflexible rolling of 304 stainless steel strips with initial thickness of 250 μm and reduction changing from 5 to 10%. ,e model predictions show a reasonable agreement with the experimental measurements and have proven to be more accurate than those obtained from the conventional multilinear isotropic hardening model in combination with the Voronoi tessellation technique. In addition, the variation of thickness directional springback along with the scatter effect is compared and analysed in regard to the average grain size utilising both qualitative and quantitative approaches in respect of distinct types of data at different reductions.

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