Performance Analysis of Receiver Diversity Incorporated WiMAX Systems



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A. Sharma, L. Kansal, G. Singh. Gaba, M. El Bakkali & F. Em. Tubbal, "Performance Analysis of Receiver Diversity Incorporated WiMAX Systems," in Advanced Informatics for Computing Research: 2nd International Conference, ICAICR 2018, 2019, pp. 270-281.


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) being used as two layers specifically in wireless interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) i.e. Physical layer (PHY) and MAC layer and we considered PHY layer having scalable OFDM based Multiple access (OFDMA) due to empowering achievable usage of multiple antenna systems, for example, Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) with sensible intricacy. This paper includes a simulation analysis of the hybrid combination of receiver diversity (MIMO) and WiMAX system. The receiver diversity techniques studied in this paper are maximal ratio combining (MRC) and selection combining (SC). The analysis is done for diverse diversity techniques, modulation levels and cyclic prefix rates. Simulated results clearly depict the effect on increasing the number of receiving antenna on the bit error rate (BER) of every modulation level.

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