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Lozano, A. I., Loupas, A., Blanco, F., Gorfinkiel, J. D. & Garcia, G. (2018). Total electron scattering cross sections from thiophene for the (1-300 eV) impact energy range. Journal of Chemical Physics, 149 (13), 134303-1-134303-7.


Experimental electron scattering cross sections for thiophene in the impact energy range from 1 to 300 eV have been measured with a magnetically confined electron transmission-beam apparatus. Random uncertainty limits have been estimated to be less than 5%, and systematic errors derived from acceptance angle limitations have also been identified and evaluated. Experimental values are compared with our previous low energy (1-15 eV) R-matrix and intermediate/high energy (15-300 eV) IAM-SCAR+I calculations finding reasonable agreement, within the combined uncertainty limits. Some of the low energy shape and core-excited resonances predicted by previous calculations are experimentally confirmed in this study.



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