Reconstruction of isolated moving objects with high 3D frame rate based on phase shifting profilometry



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L. Lu, Z. Jia, Y. Luan & J. Xi, "Reconstruction of isolated moving objects with high 3D frame rate based on phase shifting profilometry," Optics Communications, vol. 438, pp. 61-66, 2019.


Recently, moving object reconstruction based on PSP has been attracted intensive research. The errors caused by the inner movement of PSP have been addressed successfully. However, when the object with discontinuities or isolated surface is measured and the temporal phase unwrapping method is applied, additional fringe patterns are required to unwrap the phase map. The object movement between the PSP fringe patterns and additional fringe patterns will cause unwrapping errors. This paper proposes a new method to reconstruct the moving object with discontinuous or isolated surface. The object movement is tracked and the influence on the phase map caused by the movement is analyzed. Then, the phase variation caused by the movement is obtained. The phase map of the object before movement is obtained by compensating the phase map of the object after movement based on the phase variations. Finally, the object is reconstructed by dual-frequency phase unwrapping method. A new projection strategy increasing the efficiency of the 3D frame rate is also presented in this paper. The 3D frame rate achieves half of the camera capture speed. The proposed method has high potential to be applied in industrial applications for real-time measurement of moving objects. Experiments are presented to verify the effectiveness.

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