A new numerical modelling method for system energy efficiency calculation



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Song, X., Yuan, C., Zhang, Y., Li, Q. & Li, Z. (2018). A new numerical modelling method for system energy efficiency calculation. Elektronika ir Elektrotechnika, 24 (6), 55-59.


This paper focuses on greenhouse gas emissions of new energy ships by investigating energy efficiency of the ships using solar photovoltaic system. According to the operating characteristics of the diesel generator set, a novel energy efficiency model of the generator diesel engine was established, where the solar photovoltaic system was included to analyze the model energy efficiency. In order to evaluate the feasibility and availability of the proposed model, experimental data acquired from the solar photovoltaic system testing, in a real-world large ro-ro ship, was collected and compared with the model output. The fuel consumption with and without the use of the solar photovoltaic system was used to analyze the ship's energy efficiency. The comparison results demonstrate that the proposed energy efficiency model for marine generator diesel engines with solar photovoltaic system is able to represent the ship's efficiency level, with an estimation error of 3.43 %.

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