Transformation-induced plasticity steel and their hot rolling technologies



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Cai, Z., Zhao, J. & Ding, H. (2017). Transformation-induced plasticity steel and their hot rolling technologies. In J. Zhao & Z. Jiang (Eds.), Rolling of Advanced High Strength Steels: Theory, Simulation and Practice (pp. 289-322). Boca Raton, USA: Taylor & Francis Group.


Transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steels are one type of advanced high strength steels (AHSSs) which have extensive applications in the automotive industry. TRIP steels offer an excellent combination of strength and ductility as a result of their unique microstructural characterizations. The purposes of this chapter are to review the current knowledge on the three generations of TRIP steels which are categorized by different Mn contents, and introduce their hot rolling technologies. The chemical compositions, heat treatment technology, microstructure and mechanical properties of each category of TRIP steels are firstly analyzed, followed by a discussion on the factors affecting the stability of austenite which plays a significant role in TRIP effect. Finally, hot rolling and the related technologies of TRIP steels being currently investigated worldwide are introduced with a purpose of producing high quality TRIP steel products with required microstructure and mechanical properties.

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