"Edge-on" MOSkin detector for stereotactic beam measurement and verification



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Jong, W. L., Ung, N. M., Vannyat, A., Jamalludin, Z., Rosenfeld, A. & Wong, J. H. D. (2017). "Edge-on" MOSkin detector for stereotactic beam measurement and verification. Physica Medica: an international journal devoted to the applications of physics to medicine and biology, 33 127-135.


Dosimetry in small radiation field is challenging and complicated because of dose volume averaging and beam perturbations in a detector. We evaluated the suitability of the “Edge-on” MOSkin (MOSFET) detector in small radiation field measurement. We also tested the feasibility for dosimetric verification in stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT). “Edge-on” MOSkin detector was calibrated and the reproducibility and linearity were determined. Lateral dose profiles and output factors were measured using the “Edge-on” MOSkin detector, ionization chamber, SRS diode and EBT2 film. Dosimetric verification was carried out on two SRS and five SRT plans. In dose profile measurements, the “Edge-on” MOSkin measurements concurred with EBT2 film measurements. It showed full width at half maximum of the dose profile with average difference of 0.11 mm and penumbral width with difference of ±0.2 mm for all SRS cones as compared to EBT2 film measurement. For output factor measurements, a 1.1% difference was observed between the “Edge-on” MOSkin detector and EBT2 film for 4 mm SRS cone. The “Edge-on” MOSkin detector provided reproducible measurements for dose verification in real-time. The measured doses concurred with the calculated dose for SRS (within 1%) and SRT (within 3%). A set of output correction factors for the “Edge-on” MOSkin detector for small radiation fields were derived from EBT2 film measurement and presented. This study showed that the “Edge-on” MOSkin detector is a suitable tool for dose verification in small radiation field.

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