General model for phase shifting profilometry with an object in motion



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L. Lu, Y. Yin, Z. Su, X. Ren, Y. Luan & J. Xi, "General model for phase shifting profilometry with an object in motion," Applied Optics, vol. 57, (36) pp. 10364-10369, 2018.


When implementing the phase shifting profilometry to reconstruct an object, the object is always required to be kept stable as multiple fringe patterns are required. Movement during the measurement will cause failed reconstruction. This paper proposes a general model describing the fringe patterns with any three-dimensional movement based on phase shifting profilometry. The object movement is classified as five types and their characteristics are analyzed respectively. Then, by introducing a virtual plane, the influence on the phase value caused by different types of movement is described mathematically and a new model including movement information is proposed. At last, with the help of the movement tracking and least-square algorithm, the moving object is reconstructed with high accuracy. The proposed method can remove the reference plane during the reconstruction of the moving object, which extends the application range of the phase shifting profilometry. The effectiveness of the proposed model is verified by the experiments. 2018 Optical Society of America

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