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Jackson, T. M., Nikolic, S., Shen, J. & Xia, G. (2018). Knowledge Sharing in Digital Learning Communities: A Comparative Review of Issues between Education and Industry. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE) (pp. 783-787). United States: IEEE.


Digital learning communities have become a focal point of organizational development. The education industry has begun to follow suit by using the same technologies to enhance the learning process through a deeper process of participation. These technological tools complement sound learning design to bring a wealth of benefits to students. These benefits are not without peril. New technological tools shift common issues of education into online environments. This article reviews recent implementations of digital communities and highlights their influencing factors. The factors are then connected to existing factors in knowledge management literature. The key factors found are A) Student interaction with the community, B) Interaction vs grades and C) Student experiences.

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