Fast 3D reconstruction of dental cast model based on structured light



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L. Song, W. Lin, Y. Yang, X. Zhu, Q. Guo & H. Yang, "Fast 3D reconstruction of dental cast model based on structured light," Optoelectronics Letters, vol. 14, (6) pp. 457-460, 2018.


To quickly obtain accurate 3D data of dental cast model, this paper proposes a 3D reconstruction method for dental cast model based on structured light. This method combines the structured light with the motor turntable to obtain a group of 3D data for the dental cast model from multiple angles, and automatically registers the dental 3D data from multiple angles through the ball calibration of turntable. Compared with the real data of the dental cast model, the maximum error of the 3D reconstruction results in this paper is 0.115 mm. The reconstruction time of this process is about 130 s. The experimental results show that the method has high precision and high scanning speed for the 3D reconstruction of the dental cast model.

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