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Y. Ren, K. Chin & S. Soh, "Minimizing Completion Time in Wireless Networks with In-Band Full Duplex Links," IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 64278-64291, 2018.


One approach to improve network capacity in future wireless networks is to deploy Access Points (APs) in a dense manner and employ a controller to manage these APs. Another innovation is to equip nodes with an In-Band Full- Duplex (IBFD) radio, which allows them to transmit and receive simultaneously over the same frequency band. A key challenge, however, is interference. To this end, a link scheduler plays a critical role in ensuring the benefits of dense APs deployment and IBFD are not negated by severe interference. Henceforth, this paper proposes three centralized algorithms that aim to drain a given set of packets from links in minimum time. We have compared these algorithms against a schedule where links transmit independently, and an algorithm that schedules links at slot boundaries. We studied the impact of varying node densities, transmission power and Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise Ratio (SINR) thresholds on the link schedule. Our results show the overall completion time can be reduced by 68% as compared to scheduling links individually. Moreover, our algorithms reduce the completion time by 13% as compared to scheduling links on a slot-by-slot basis.



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