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W. Li, H. Du & W. Li, "Driver intention based coordinate control of regenerative and plugging braking for electric vehicles with in-wheel PMSMs," IET Intelligent Transport Systems, vol. 12, (10) pp. 1300-1311, 2018.


Electric vehicles have been the focus of the automotive industry in recent years. However, relatively small driving range of electric vehicles makes it not be broadly adopted in the market. Regenerative braking is one of the most effective ways to extend the endurance of electric vehicles. To sufficiently utilise the regenerative braking of electric vehicles and explore the potential of the electric motor plugging braking capability to simplify the braking system structure and reduce the cost, a new braking strategy based on the driver's braking intention and motor working characteristics is proposed. Driver's braking intention is classified as the emergency braking and the normal braking. In the case of normal braking, model predictive control (MPC) is used to express driver's braking intention. By adjusting the weight of the MPC cost function, different braking intentions can be achieved. This strategy is able to achieve as much as possible braking energy recovery without violating the driver's braking intention. In the case of the emergency braking, the sliding mode based optimal slip ratio control is adopted and it is able to obtain the shortest braking distance. In order to validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, numerical simulations on a quarter-vehicle braking model are tested.

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