Open data policy and open data services



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Chatfield, A. Takeoka. & Reddick, C. G. (2018). Open data policy and open data services. Americas Conference on Information Systems 2018 Proceedings: Digital Disruption, AMCIS 2018 (pp. 1-10). Association for Information Systems.

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Association for Information Systems


We conducted a longitudinal portal analysis of Western Australian (WA) government's CKAN-driven open data portal implementation to address the conundrum of open data policy outputs, outcomes, and impacts. Our results show an overall trend in increased quantity and quality of open data including geospatial datasets. However, WA open data services show uneven developments with agencies that released geospatial datasets remaining fewer in number. Moreover, despite its whole-of-government open data policy, 70% of WA agencies released five or less datasets, while other 19% released no data. This uneven supply-side development may indicate bureaucratic discretion and inertia. Regarding the demand-side citizen interactions with open data services, our analysis of WA portal usage logs shows increased data downloads but little evidence of open services innovation or enhanced public governance. Based on the insights from this longitudinal open data research, a theoretically and empirically based public policy is suggested to enhance open data services.

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