MRI-Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Systems



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Liney, G. P., Whelan, B., Oborn, B., Barton, M. & Keall, P. (2018). MRI-Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Systems. Clinical Oncology, 30 (11), 686-691.


The desire to utilise soft-tissue image guidance at the time of radiation treatment has led to the development of several hybrid magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) linear accelerators (linacs). These systems have the potential to realise the benefits of MRI on the treatment table with the ability of real-time motion management and adaption on a patient-specific basis. There are several MRI-linacs currently being implemented covering both low and high magnetic field strength and two beam-field orientations. Clinical trials have only recently begun with this technology, but their future use as standard radiotherapy practice seems assured. This review article summarises the challenges faced in developing such hybrid technology, the differences and advantages of each of the currently exploited solutions, and their current status.

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