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M. Sarwar & K. Chin, "On Supporting Legacy and RF Energy Harvesting Devices in Two-Tier OFDMA Heterogeneous Networks," IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 62538-62551, 2018.


Future devices are likely to have the capability to harvest energy from Radio Frequency (RF) signals. In this paper, we consider such Energy Harvesting (EH) devices operating in a two-tier Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) based Heterogeneous Network (HetNet). Critically, we investigate how such EH devices can be supported along side non-RF harvesting or legacy devices. Our aim is to minimize the downlink sum transmit power of both femto and macro base-stations and ensure legacy and EH devices receive a given data rate and amount of energy, respectively. Critically, we study sub-carrier and power allocation to both types of devices, and investigate novel questions related to interference, which reduces network capacity but improves the amount of harvested energy by EH devices. To study these questions, we formulate a Mixed-Integer Non Linear Program (MINLP) and propose three linear approximations to the MINLP where devices are either assigned one or multiple sub-carriers. Numerical results show that EH devices will not affect network capacity if they can harvest sufficient energy from data transmissions to legacy devices. In addition, if multiple sub-carriers can be assigned to devices, our results show that the sum transmit power decreases by approximately 15% as compared to assigning a single sub-carrier to these devices.



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