Full-view three-dimensional measurement of complex surfaces



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L. Song, Y. Ru, Y. Yang, Q. Guo, X. Zhu & J. Xi, "Full-view three-dimensional measurement of complex surfaces," Optical Engineering, vol. 57, (10) pp. 104106-1-104106-9, 2018.


A full-view three-dimensional (3-D) measurement method for complex surfaces is proposed, where 3-D data for standard balls with different angles are used to calibrate the rotation axes of a turntable and obtain transformation matrices of 3-D data of adjacent views. It can achieve accurate registration of 3-D data of views with different angles and obtains full-view 3-D data for complex surfaces in conjunction with the method for principal point calibration of cameras and modified triple-frequency six-step phase-shifting phase demodulation methods. Experiments show that the developed system based on the proposed method can achieve automatic registration of 3-D data of views with different angles, and good full-view 3-D measurement precision for complex surfaces.

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