A new trellis model for MAC layer cooperative retransmission protocols



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W. Ni, M. Abolhasan, B. Hagelstein, R. Ping. Liu & X. Wang, "A new trellis model for MAC layer cooperative retransmission protocols," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 66, (4) pp. 3448-3461, 2017.


Comparison studies on timer-based distributed cooperative retransmission protocols are challenging, given a variety of backoff techniques. We propose a new unified model, which can characterize a wide range of cooperative retransmission protocols. The key idea is a new trellis diagram that extrapolates the retransmission probabilities in each timeslot to the entire cooperative process. Following the trellis, performance metrics, such as success rate and collision intensity, can be derived in a structured manner. The new trellis model, coupled with Markov techniques, can be also extended to analyze the distributed binary exponential backoff processes of cooperative retransmissions. Confirmed by simulations, the proposed trellis model accurately reveals the impact of the relays' relative locations and density on different protocols. Our model also has the potential to be used as a management tool to adaptively configure protocol parameters.

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