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Wang, N., Wang, J., Li, Z., Tang, X. & Hou, D. (2018). Fractional-order PID control strategy on hydraulic-loading system of typical electromechanical platform. Sensors, 18 (9), 3024-1-3024-17.


In this paper, a control method for a hydraulic loading system of an electromechanical platform based on a fractional-order PID (Proportion-Integration-Differentiation) controller is proposed, which is used to drive the loading system of a mechatronic journal test rig. The mathematical model of the control system is established according to the principle of the electro-hydraulic system. Considering the indetermination of model parameters, the method of parameter identification was used to verify the rationality of the theoretical model. In order to improve the control precision of the hydraulic loading system, the traditional PID controller and fractional-order PID controller are designed by selecting appropriate tuning parameters. Their control performances are analyzed in frequency domain and time domain, respectively. The results show that the fractional-order PID controller has better control effect. By observing the actual control effect of the fractional-order PID controller on the journal test rig, the effectiveness of this control algorithm is verified.



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