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Marenych, O. O., Ding, D., Pan, Z., Kostryzhev, A. G., Li, H. & van Duin, S. (2018). Effect of chemical composition on microstructure, strength and wear resistance of wire deposited Ni-Cu alloys. Additive Manufacturing, 24 30-36.


Two Ni-Cu alloys (Monel K500 and FM 60) having various Mn, Fe, Al, Ti and C contents were deposited on a Monel K500 plate at three different speeds using wire arc additive manufacturing technique. Microstructure characterisation, in particular a detailed study of precipitates, was carried out using optical and scanning electron microscopy. Mechanical properties were assessed using hardness, tensile and wear testing. For similar deposition conditions, Monel K500 has exhibited smaller secondary dendrite arm spacing and higher number density of Ti-rich particles, although the Ti concentration in FM 60 was higher. Finer microstructure and Ti precipitation led to superior hardness, tensile and wear resistance of Monel K500 compared to FM 60. The variation in microstructure-properties relationship with alloy composition is discussed.

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