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Lozano, A. I., Oller, J. C., Krupa, K., Ferreira da Silva, F., Limao-Vieira, P., Blanco, F., Munoz, A., Colmenares, R. & Garcia, G. (2018). Magnetically confined electron beam system for high resolution electron transmission-beam experiments. Review of Scientific Instruments, 89 (6), 063105-1-063105-7.


A novel experimental setup has been implemented to provide accurate electron scattering cross sections from molecules at low and intermediate impact energies (1-300 eV) by measuring the attenuation of a magnetically confined linear electron beam from a molecular target. High-resolution electron energy is achieved through confinement in a magnetic gas trap where electrons are cooled by successive collisions with N2. Additionally, we developed and present a method to correct systematic errors arising from energy and angular resolution limitations. The accuracy of the entire measurement procedure is validated by comparing the N2 total scattering cross section in the considered energy range with benchmark values available in the literature.



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