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Li, K., Ma, Z., Robinson, D. & Ma, J. (2018). Identification of typical building daily electricity usage profiles using Gaussian mixture model-based clustering and hierarchical clustering. Applied Energy, 231 331-342.


This paper presents a clustering-based strategy to identify typical daily electricity usage (TDEU) profiles of multiple buildings. Different from the majority of existing clustering strategies, the proposed strategy consists of two levels of clustering, i.e. intra-building clustering and inter-building clustering. The intra-building clustering used a Gaussian mixture model-based clustering to identify the TDEU profiles of each individual building. The inter-building clustering used an agglomerative hierarchical clustering to identify the TDEU profiles of multiple buildings based on the TDEU profiles identified for each individual building through intra-building clustering. The performance of this strategy was evaluated using two-year hourly electricity consumption data collected from 40 university buildings. The results showed that this strategy can discover useful information related to building electricity usage, including typical patterns of daily electricity usage (DEU) and periodical variation of DEU. It was also shown that this proposed strategy can identify additional electricity usage patterns with a less computational cost, in comparison to two single-step clustering strategies including a Partitioning Around Medoids-based clustering strategy and a hierarchical clustering strategy. The results obtained from this study could be potentially used to assist in improving energy performance of university buildings and other types of buildings.

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