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Wang, R., Wang, M., Li, Z. & Lu, C. (2018). Physics-based Constitutive Model for the Hot Deformation of 2Cr11Mo1VNbN Martensitic Stainless Steel. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 27 (9), 4932-4940.


The hot deformation behavior of 2Cr11Mo1VNbN martensitic stainless steel is investigated through isothermal compression tests between 1173 and 1423 K with strain rates of 0.005-5 s−1. Based on experimental results, the work hardening–dynamic recovery stage and dynamic softening stage are evaluated, and a couple-stage constitutive model is developed to describe the work hardening–dynamic recovery and dynamic softening behaviors. Phenomenological constitutive models, which consider temperature, strain and strain rate, are established. A comparison between the predicted and experimental flow stress values indicates that the established models accurately describe the hot deformation behaviors for the studied supercritical steel.

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