An analysis of ridging of ferritic stainless steel 430



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Ma, X., Zhao, J., Du, W., Zhang, X., Jiang, L. & Jiang, Z. (2017). An analysis of ridging of ferritic stainless steel 430. Materials Science and Engineering A, 685 358-366.


Currently, it is widely acknowledged that ridging is caused by different plastic deformations from grains with different textures. In this study, a simplified model was used to predict the ridging height with different elongation values based on crystal plasticity (CP) and EBSD information with the purpose of understanding well the effect of texture and average grain size on the ridging generation and reduction of undesirable surface defects of ferritic stainless steel (FSS) 430 during the formation process. The results indicate that the reduction of average grain is effective to improve ridging generation in FSS along tensile directions. The numerical simulation results obtained using the crystal plasticity finite element model (CPFEM) match well with experimental values, which demonstrates that the CPFEM could be employed to analyse the ridging phenomenon under different elongation conditions of FSS. Based on the established models, the ridging modes of colonies with different crystal orientations ({001} , {112} and {114} ) are discussed to evaluate the effect of texture structure on ridging generation.

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