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E. Oromiehie, B. Prusty, P. Compston & G. Rajan, "The influence of consolidation force on the performance of AFP manufactured laminates," in 21st International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM-21), 2017, pp. 1-11.

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ICCM-21 Conference


With the increasing use of carbon/glass fibre reinforced polymer composites for large components like wing skins, fuselages and fuel tanks in aircrafts and next generation of spacecraft, utilization of advanced automated manufacturing is critical for mass production. In-situ consolidation in automated fibre placement (AFP) technology through merging several manufacturing stages like cutting, curing and consolidation has opened up a wider range of applications as well as new markets for composite materials in several sectors including aerospace and automobile in large scale. Nevertheless, the quality and integrity of AFP manufactured composites is heavily dependent on large number of variables and parameters like lay-up speed, curing/melting temperature and consolidation force. In order to establish and understand a correlation between the key parameters in AFP and the mechanical properties, several parametric experiments were performed. This is done through manufacturing uni-directional carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminates and identifying some of their main mechanical properties at different location along the length of samples. It was found that, the strength of laminates at different locations is critically dependent on the effect of those parameters.