A quasi-dynamic model for high-speed ball spinning



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Zhao, C., Li, G., Xiong, J., Jiang, Z., Huang, Q., Wang, J. & Cui, H. (2018). A quasi-dynamic model for high-speed ball spinning. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 97 (5-8), 2447-2460.


In this study, the motion assumption of ball in spinning process is proposed based on the experimental observation, and the quasi-dynamic model of ball in spinning process is established with consideration of the centrifugal force and gyroscopic moment of the ball. Using the VC++ platform, the quasi-dynamic model is programmed using bee colony intelligent algorithm to obtain the force at each point of the ball and the three dimensional self-rotation speed of the ball under the given process parameters. The spinning process is simulated with the ABAQUS software, and the kinematics and mechanical parameters of the ball are compared with the theoretical values. The developed model can provide theoretical support for the production of ball spinning, which facilitates the selection of process parameters in spinning process. In addition, this study provides a theoretical basis for further studying the accuracy and control method of the tube deformation caused by ball deformation and die deformation in the ball spinning process.

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