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Z. Xiao, L. Pei, F. Zhang, Y. Sun, L. Geng, J. Wu & J. Tong, "Parameter Measurement of Biaxial Braided Composite Preform Based on Phase Congruency,"Autex Research Journal, vol. 19, (1) pp. 8-16, 2019.


In this paper, a new method based on phase congruency is proposed to measure pitch lengths and surface braiding angles of two-dimensional biaxial braided composite preforms. Lab space transform and BM3D (block-matching and 3D filter) are used first to preprocess the original acquired images. A corner detection algorithm based on phase congruency is then proposed to detect the corners of the preprocessed images. Pitch lengths and surface braiding angles are finally measured based on the detected corner maps. Experimental results show that our method achieves the automatic measurement of pitch lengths and the surface braiding angles of biaxial braided composite preforms with high accuracy.



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