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Feng, H., Sheikh, M. Neaz., Hadi, M. N. S., Feng, L., Gao, D. & Zhao, J. (2018). Interface bond performance of steel fibre embedded in magnesium phosphate cementitious composite. Construction and Building Materials, 185 648-660.


A series of pullout tests were carried out to characterize the interface bond between steel fibre and magnesium phosphate cement (MPC) based matrix. The effect of the mixture proportions, curing time and end-hook of fibre on the interface bond properties between the steel fibre and the MPC-based matrix was investigated. The mixture proportions investigated include the mole ratio of magnesium oxide to potassium dihydrogen phosphate, mass ratio of sand to cement, mass ratio of water to cement and dosage of silica fume. The effect of different types of cement on the interface bond properties was also investigated.



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