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Sreenivasa, M. N., Soueres, P., Laumond, J. & Berthoz, A. (2009). Steering a humanoid robot by its head. 2009 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (pp. 4451-4456). United States: IEEE.


We present a novel method of guiding a humanoid robot, including stepping, by allowing a user to move its head. The motivation behind this approach comes from research in the field of human neuroscience. In human locomotion it has been found that the head plays a very important role in guiding and planning motion. We use this idea to generate humanoid whole-body motion derived purely as a result of moving the head joint. The input to move the head joint is provided by a user via a 6D mouse. The algorithm presented in this study judges when further head movement leads to instability, and then generates stepping motions to stabilize the robot. By providing the software with autonomy to decide when and where to step, the user is allowed to simply steer the robot head (via visual feedback) without worrying about stability. We illustrate our results by presenting experiments conducted in simulation, as well as on our robot, HRP2.



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