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Zhang, N., Liu, C. & Chen, B. (2018). A case study of presplitting blasting parameters of hard and massive roof based on the interaction between support and overlying strata. Energies, 11 (6), 1363-1-1363-14.


Due to the existence of a hard and massive roof (HMR), severe ground pressure behaviors have been observed at the working face, resulting in safety issues and the degradation of production effectiveness. Based on the HMR conditions of the Datong Mining Area, the fracture-related instability of the HMR and its effects on the support selection were investigated by analyzing the interaction between support and overlying strata. Advancefixed-distance presplitting blasting (AFPB) technology was proposed to control the caving interval of HMR, and the influence of the controlled interval on the working load of supports was also analyzed. The working load of the support and the caving interval of the HMR were determined based on the controlled HMR fracture technology, and these were verified by field application tests. The working resistance of the support and the step distance were determined based on controlled roof fracture and were verified by on-site application experiments. The results revealed that cracks emerged after the presplitting blasting, resulting in significantly reduced strata behaviors. Furthermore, the support exhibited good adaptability.



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