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Zhao, C., Zhang, F., Xiong, J., Jiang, Z., Yang, X. & Cui, H. (2018). Plasticity Improvement of Ball-Spun Magnesium Alloy Tube Based on Stress Triaxiality. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, 2018 1735046-1-1735046-12.


The effects of thickness reduction, feed ratio, and ball diameter, and their coupling effects, on the average relative stress triaxiality during spinning are discussed via simulation results. The relationships among the parameters and the average value of relative stress triaxiality (AVRST) are fitted with multiple nonlinear functions to calculate the optimal process parameters. According to the trend of stress triaxiality, the corresponding process parameters are calculated for the minimum average value of relative stress triaxiality (AVRST). Room temperature experiments performed on an AZ31 magnesium alloy thin-walled tube with the optimal parameters reveal an improvement of cracking of the tube surface. The study reveals changes in the minimum AVRST and aids in selecting the process parameters to improve plastic performance.



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