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Caesarendra, W., Kosasih, B., Tjahjowidodo, T., Ariyanto, M., Daryl, L. W. Q. & Pamungkas, D. (2018). An online condition monitoring system implemented an internet connectivity and FTP for low speed slew bearing. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1007 012002-1-012002-8.


Rapid and reliable information in slew bearing maintenance is not trivial issue. This paper presents the online monitoring system to assist maintenance engineer in order to monitor the bearing condition of low speed slew bearing in sheet metal company. The system is able to pass the vibration information from the place where the bearing and accelerometer sensors are attached to the data center; and from the data center it can be access by opening the online monitoring website from any place and by any person. The online monitoring system is built using some programming languages such as C language, MATLAB, PHP, HTML and CSS. Generally, the flow process is start with the automatic vibration data acquisition; then features are calculated from the acquired vibration data. These features are then sent to the data center; and form the data center, the vibration features can be seen through the online monitoring website. This online monitoring system has been successfully applied in School of Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronic Engineering, University of Wollongong.



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